07 July 2014

Learning to fly: from toys to UAV

I have been doing things just not many motorcycle things.  Oddly, motorcycle things let me to this new interest in radio controlled multicopters, or what are more commonly called drones but should be called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).  My journey started with cheap on board video cameras.  It has progressed to UAVs.

17 May 2014

It's been a while!

Just didn't realize it was this long!  I'm okay, Baby's okay.  Nothing really new to report...a few long rides with Cruzman and family in the interim.  I got a new 1080p cam so I'm back to figuring out how to mount the camera so I can take awesome shots and create amazing videos!

21 November 2013

FZ1 Mod: New Mirrors

Last September, I Fuzzy-fied my mirrors.  Well, mostly did it anyway.  During my last ride (which I still haven't written about), I noticed my mirrors were getting loose and it was likely time to take them off, finish the Fuzzyone mirror mod by adding the notches, and put them back on.  I've also been looking at mirrors for years because I don't really like the look of the OEM mirrors.

07 November 2013

Trip Report: Spontaneous Overnighter!

5 Oct 2013: TWoS

The Atlanta Area FZ1OA members planned to get together in September but the weekend was rained out.  Cruzman was desperate for a get away and unbeknownst to him, so was I.  We joined a few other forum members for a Wednesday night dinner and on the way discussed the possibility of spending the night at the re-opened (and re-named) Two Wheels of Suches campground.

FZ1 Maintenance: The Valve Check

My valve check was overdue.  I knew when the time came for the first valve check I'd have issues because I'm reluctant to take the bike to a mechanic.  Not to mention I've gotten cheap in the last few years.  When time for the first check came, I read FastFrank's Valve Check Tips and got confused so I decided to do nothing based on other owners report that no adjustment was needed.

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