26 May 2017

Maintenance: Fork Service done right.

I don't know why I didn't post this sooner.  You can bring me to task the next time you see me.  The fork service Cruzman and I did leaked as soon as I got home.  He changed his a couple of more times and still they leaked.  I chose to get professional help of sorts.

FZ1 Mod: Finally Fabbri.

I got it in January from a forum member.  I've been saying for years I would order one but have always been satisfied with the ones I had.  When I saw this in the for sale section of the forum, I just couldn't pass it up.

FZ1 Mod: Hard Luggage Follow-up

Last year, I added hard luggage that I called Chivi since they're a knock off of the popular Givi brand at a fraction of the costs.  Since I added them, I always wanted to be able to remove the bags similar to the way the quick disconnect works on some other brand of luggage racks.

10 June 2016

New Toolz!

Since I allowed my "nephews" to move in I've had issues with my tools.  Many have just up and disappeared.  Others are broken or no longer work as they are designed too.  My frustration is complete but I have just mostly remedied the problem.  My new toolz.

Of course this doesn't replace some of my special fz1 tools that they've destoyed.  Now, I keep my tools under my pillow to prevent unauthorized usage!

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

12 April 2016

FZ1 Mod: Hard Luggage

My budget solution:  Chivi.

Every since last year's rally I've been obsessed with replacing my soft saddlebags with hard luggage.  When I bought the saddlebags, I researched hard luggage and realized I didn't want to invest close to $1,000 on something that I believed my softbags would do just fine.

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