26 July 2017

Meet Curtis, Baby's new TV

Back in late January when we had a cold snap, I killed my 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with the difficult to find 5sp manual transmission.

16 July 2017

I Killed It...Baby needs a new TV

Stay tuned...Daddy helped a sister out.

27 June 2017

Trip Report: FZ1OA Spring Rally Day 3 and 4

17 Jun 2017:  Free Play Day
After a night spent in the dining room then on the porch, no one mentioned a plan for another group ride.  The best idea seemed to be hang out on the porch, ride the loop known as the Cooler Run, hang out on the porch, repeat as necessary.  For me, I had another plan.

Trip Report: FZ1OA Spring Rally, Day 2

16 Jun 2017:  Group Ride
If there's anything that I truly appreciate about our rallys is that there is a general unplanned feeling about everything.  I'm not certain that I've always appreciated this but I do now.  I can admit to being an insider but I try to be inclusive of every new face I see, especially the ones that say they're here for the first time. As long as I've been going, there have never been planned rides.  They usually develop around the fire the night before.

26 June 2017

Trip Report: FZ1OA Gen 1 FZ1 Spring Rally

15 June 17:  Departure Day.

Or the longest night.  I went to Wal-Mart around midnight to get a new camping mattress and 12v pump.  My local store didn't have the pump but they had a neat chair.  I was all packed by 1:30 a.m. but still could not sleep.  I couldn't load the bike either because Baby needed a bath badly and I was told not to show up at the rally with a filthy motorcycle.

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