31 August 2015

Product Review: SJ7000/DV603D Action Camera

Action Camera Review

I don't usually do camera reviews because I favor the lower end action cameras that aren't user friendly.  As long as it can take jello free video onboard my bike and look decent on YouTube, I like it.  If it costs less than $75, I love it!

06 August 2015

Trip Report: Once in a Blue Moon

31 July 2015:  Dragon Slaying Under A Blue Moon.

As with any trip, it never starts on the day of the trip.  This one began at the end of the last trip as I admired Booger's wife when she pulled out of the parking on an inky dark night near the last quarter of the moon to ride the Dragon alone.  She said she was going for the peacefullness of it.  It was clear that she was way more badass than me.

05 July 2015

Trip Report: 2015 FZ1OA Rally

10-14 June 2015:  Rally Summary.  For this year's rally I thought I'd try to take more pictures and video so I could really document it.  That didn't happen.  The rally was at a new old location, The Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort.  I learned from last year's rally to not get too exiced about seeing my FZ1 family or I'd barely remember it.

30 June 2015

Ride Report: On my own

Sunday 24 May 2015, Memorial Day Weekend.  I just had to ride.  Since it was a holiday weekend, I didn't bother checking with anyone else to see if they were riding.  I got off to a bit of a late start but didn't have plans to go too far anyway.

29 June 2015

Ride Report: Sweet Home Alabama redux

26 April 2015:  Alabama Beauty

Cruzman texted me early in the week asking if I wanted to
ride on Sunday.  I said heck yeah since I was already considering a solo ride for the weekend.  Earlier in the week I installed a power port for just for the gps.  A couple of weeks ago, I finally put the crash bars and rider pegs on.  They're not pretty but they work well.

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