29 October 2011

Baby in 3D

In my last post, I referenced Project Photofly.  It's a program by Autodesk Labs that lets you make 3D movies of objects.  It's fairly simple to use once you get the photos and as long as your object doesn't reflect light.  I had a little difficulty getting my first attempt right, but I didn't give up.

21 October 2011

FZ1 Mod: New Slip-on Muffler

GPR Grand Prix Evolution Speed Cone

At the end of May when I was browsing the "Yamaha FZ1" listings on eBay I saw a muffler that really caught my attention.  I sent an email to the seller because I was confused by the title.  It read "EXHAUST SYSTEM YAMAHA FZ.1 FAZER 1000 06 GPR POWER CARB".  Did that mean it was for the carbed FZ1s?

15 October 2011

Maintenance: Changing Tires

Getting the tires changed is one of those things I find that I dread and look forward to at the same time.  I dread it because I have to take them off the bike to get, what I think is, a reasonable rate for the tire change.  I look forward to it because once the "new" is worn off, it's like having an all new motorcycle!

Trip Report: Arkansas Fall Gather Leaving Already

25 Sep 2011
And I'm heading home...

With the bad news about my bearing, the next morning I got up early so I could get help getting Baby back on the trailer.  Almost every one was getting ready to leave any way.  thepopularjock was going to join FZ1_Arao and his girlfriend (who still hasn't decided on a motorcycle) on a short ride but he woke up feeling like crap; instead he chose to sleep in to get ready for his long ride home.

10 October 2011

Trip Report: Arkansas Fall Gather Ride Day

24 Sep 11
My first riding day

After the stress of just getting there, I was so keyed up, I think I could have left to go on a ride right away. V10 and motoed both said they didn't know what time the ride would leave. It varied but they'd wake us up in plenty of time to join them. I felt confident in speaking for my roommate because the last message I'd gotten from thepopularjock was something along the lines of he definitely wanted to ride in the morning and he'd leave a key in the door (but not the light on).

Trip Report: Arkansas Fall Gather Day 2

23 Sep 2011: Secondary Departure Day
Since my plan to leave on Thursday fell victim to my apathy, I was determined to leave for Eureka Springs come hell or high water, as the saying goes. I didn't expect either so I woke up and went straight to U-Haul to have the hitch installed on the HHR. I know you're wondering why I didn't buy one with it already there. I would have if the dealership had any. They didn't so I got what I got.

09 October 2011

Trip Report: Arkansas Fall Gather

22 Sep 2011
Day 1:  Still getting things ready to go.

I should have been packed and gone the day before.  But I was waiting.

At the end of June, I saw the post about the Fall Gather.  I'd wanted to go to Alaska this year but that didn't happen so I was hoping I could get as many trips in this summer since TheMomma was doing so much better.  So well, in fact, that she could stay home by herself if she chose.  We were both excited about this new turn in her health.

04 October 2011

Trip Report: There and Back Day 3

11 Sep 11:  Back

We woke up to another perfect day!  We'd paid for the campsite for an extra day so we could ride in the morning and pack up to ride home in the afternoon.  It's one of the advantages of camping at a place so close (relatively) to home.  Cruzman had a plan or an idea that we would ride the Dragon and the Foothills Parkway.  It didn't really matter to me much as long as we were on the bikes.

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