29 October 2011

Baby in 3D

In my last post, I referenced Project Photofly.  It's a program by Autodesk Labs that lets you make 3D movies of objects.  It's fairly simple to use once you get the photos and as long as your object doesn't reflect light.  I had a little difficulty getting my first attempt right, but I didn't give up.

My first attempt was just loading all of the 30 something pics I took and seeing what happened.  Short answer:  Not what I was expecting.

It came out awful!  I started looking at what others had done with photofly and reading the comments to get tips about how I could make mine better.  Someone made a car and a 4 wheeler that didn't look anything like mine.  I went back to the program and got better results.  I was so thrilled!  Unfortunately, I got careless when trying to clean it up and got holes in the thing.  I stopped while I was ahead.  Here's the 2nd attempt:

I'm working on the final attempt right now.  Well that and getting ready for tomorrow's ride.  Gotta change over to all winter stuff due to the weather system that just rolled through bring wet and cold weather.  Should be clear for tomorrow though!

Here's the final one for a while.  Next time I try will be after the front end conversion.

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