29 May 2011

Trip Report: BRP Trip Day 2

Friday, 20 May 2011:  
Cheoah Point to Black Mountain.  
Distance:  About 280 miles.

Thanks to my new sleeping bag, I had my first good night's sleep while camping.  Cruzman and I were sharing a tent and he was already up and about the second time I woke up.  We'd gotten to bed late and had no fire so it goes without saying it took a little longer to get up and rolling than he would have liked.  Okay, it took me longer to get rolling!

26 May 2011

Trip Report: BRP Trip Day 1

19 May 2011:  Half Day.  184 miles

When my Mom got sick around Mother's day, I knew I would have to postpone my planned trip to Washington to visit my old High School Friend and her family.  I've been looking forward to the long trip for about six months now and even though I didn't feel like I was as prepared as I wanted to be I was still going to leave around the 13th of May.  Mom getting sick changed all that and as the stress mounted, I was longing for a trip of any length!  Enter Cruzman, the super Moto-hubby.  His planned BRP trip was postponed twice, once for Mother's Day and again because of weather/possible flooding.  I told him I was going to take a moto-camping trip within the next two weeks and he proposed we do a pre-run of his BRP trip.  Good deal, a departure date was set and all I had to do was wait and take care of Mom.

06 May 2011

Last minute things

I've got the big trip coming up.  I'm going across the country to see my best friend and her family.  I'm trying to be even about it--not get too high or too low so theWolf doesn't start acting up--but the closer D-day gets, the harder being even is.  Today, I ordered the last piece of kit I was certain I wanted to replace before I left.

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