23 March 2011

Ride Report: I Feel Fizzy, Again!

20 March 2011:  North GA gathering of FZ1OA forum members and friends.

The call went out on the forum a couple of weeks ago, GA SC NC TN Riders Sunday Ride.  At the time, they were shooting for the Sunday after my Waterfall Ride with Daddy.  I wanted to join them knowing the Saturday ride would be a slow one and the Sunday ride would be a chance to "let my hair down" but I didn't plan on it.  I was relieved when I checked back and found they'd pushed it back a week!

15 March 2011

Ride Report: Two Waterfall Tour

12 March 2010:  Cruzman meets a moto-in-law
Since I got home from California in 2005 (has it been that long?) and Daddy bought his bike, he's been saying he wants to see some waterfalls.  I've had a route ready since then.  We finally agreed on a date and I called Cruzman and asked if he wanted to tag along.

05 March 2011

Ride Report: Reunited

19 Feb 2011:  An easy ride to lunch in Helen
Cruzman and I made a "date" to meet his co-workers and friends in Helen for lunch.  I wasn't sure what would happen after lunch, but I knew we'd take it easy getting there.  Cruzman insisted he'd follow me up there, one concession to assure he wouldn't make another right in front of me and I wouldn't slide into him again!

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