23 March 2011

Ride Report: I Feel Fizzy, Again!

20 March 2011:  North GA gathering of FZ1OA forum members and friends.

The call went out on the forum a couple of weeks ago, GA SC NC TN Riders Sunday Ride.  At the time, they were shooting for the Sunday after my Waterfall Ride with Daddy.  I wanted to join them knowing the Saturday ride would be a slow one and the Sunday ride would be a chance to "let my hair down" but I didn't plan on it.  I was relieved when I checked back and found they'd pushed it back a week!

The GA riders would meet at the top of GA 400 at the Shell Station around 9.  I planned to meet SquireSCA and Barry at the QT near the Gwinnett County Jail at 8.  SquireSCA's girlfriend and some other person would be joining us in their Mini Coopers.  With the plan set for Saturday, there was just some regular maintenance and  detailing I wanted to do beforehand.

On Friday, I changed Baby's oil, cleaned and lubed the chain.   While I was doing it, some parts arrived that I ordered from eBay:  Replacement frame covers for the ones I've broken from ignorance and repeated removal.
As Pictured in eBay ad.
On the bike, not quite a match!

Then I tried to reduce or remove the scratch on the front fender.
Used my brother Polisher and Scratch Out
A closer look.

After washing the bike, I added the FZ1 "emblems" to the front cowl:

Then it was time rest up for the ride on Sunday.

Sunday morning, I arrived at the first meeting point first.  I'm early for a meet time two rides in a row, it must be the change in time or something!  SquireSCA and his girlfriend arrived first, then about 10 minutes later Barry pulled in on his black Gen1.  We were early enough that I had time for a cup of coffee before we were back on the road to meet the others at the top of 400.  SquireSCA wanted me to go first, so I led the way!

When we arrived, eflyguy was already there talking to Joe on the 04 gen 1 (Bruise like mine!).  Then, as I was taking my helmet off, sportryder pulled in and made a dramatic stop at eflyguy's feet on his red Buell 1125r.  Those bikes look like they are going to stand up and kick your ass or something!
Bikes:  SquireSCA's Gen 2, sportryder's 1125r, Barry's Gen1, Baby.  People:  Barry, theWolfTamer, and Joe
Next, MARK BYRD arrived towing his CBR.

Then, ScottyJFZ1 (the ride leader), KevinR1, Double J (his brother), a surprise appearance by FZ1_Vader, and Cruzman pulled in.

While we were introducing ourselves, MARK BYRD rode over and joined us.

We were gathering for a ride meeting when a LEO pulled over a BMW M5.  Scotty cut the meeting short, announcing, "Let's get out of here, while he's busy!"

That seemed to do the trick.  It was frantic motion as we all donned our gear and left, going up Long Branch RD to Hwy 52 toward Dahlonega.  I don't know how it happened, but I was the 4th or 5th rider in line.  I was trying to figure out how I got so close to the front when sportryder motioned me ahead of him because he thought I had my high beams on.  Little did he know there were a couple of other Gen1s behind us with HIDs too.  He wouldn't be able to escape bright lights in the mirror!

We turned onto a part of HWY 52 I don't remember riding before but I will ride again!  Scotty set the perfect pace and I had little trouble holding my spot in line.  A few miles down the road, I was wishing I'd remembered to turn on the video cams I'd put on the bike the night before.  I didn't dwell on it because I'd have plenty of chances later in the day.

I knew the plan was to take 60 to 19 to 129 and ride up Blood Mountain.  I was happy to concentrate on the road and not so much on where we were going and settled into a good groove.  We stopped at the Mountain's Crossing store to catch our breaths after the exhilarating ride up.

Mark said his tires were behaving like he was on a 10 speed, and took the chance to check his pressures.

FZ1_Vader and I talked about how much cooler it was up here than it had been when we started.

Cruzman was talking to Joe about something very interesting.

We weren't there long.  We continued up 129 to HWY 180 then to Richard Russell Scenic HWY into Helen.  Richard Russell was much cleaner than it had been when Cruzman and I were up there last month.  There was  still gravel at the top (Hogpen Gap) but not halfway to Helen.  I hesitated when I saw signs of the gravel and lost "the draft" on the lead pack.  With FZ1_Vader behind me, I knew I'd be by myself for awhile because he's still getting used to going down hill.

Once I realized there couldn't still be a lot of gravel on the road, I picked up my pace a little catching sightings of the rider in front of me as he disappeared into the next curve.  It wasn't too long before the 14.1 miles of RR were behind us and we were all one group heading to the Wendy's in Helen to meet the South Carolina Riders, led by rocknfzroll.

While we were waiting for the main group, a lone SC rider showed up.  I think it was Wlfman on is ZRX1200.

We were there for a while because they lost a rider along the way.  rocknfzroll showed up to tell us the story and to let us know they were on their way.  They didn't know if he'd wrecked or went home so they re-rode 197 (did I mention that's my favorite GA road?) several times before finally giving up.  The guy sent a text later to let them know he went home.  Apparently it wasn't the kind of ride he thought it would be!

FZ1_Vader and Joe left before we ate saying they had other things to do.

The rest of the SC gang arrived after we at lunch at Wendy's since the usual place was closed for the season.

We had quite a group!

Next stop?  T.W.O.  The famous motorcycle resort closed last week or the week before that.  We all wanted to stop by and say our good byes.  This time, I remembered to turn the cams on!

Somewhere on Hwy 180, my gas light came on.  From the discussion before we left Wendy's I knew we were stopping for gas in Suches and thought I could make it.  I guess the high RPMs while climbing the hills and passing did it's number on the 1/4 tank of Gas I left Wendy's with!  I decided to stop before we got to Wolf Pen Gap RD to be sure I made it to Suches without needing a push or to siphon gas from Cruzman's tank!

eflyguy and Cruzman stayed with me while I filled up, then we took our time on Wolf Pen Gap Rd.

T.W.O. looking forlorn on the cloudy day

Paying our respects

After this, we said goodbye to SquireSCA, Barry, and the Minis before we made our way back to Mountains Crossing.

The plan was to make a few runs up and down the mountain but I decided to make a run down then head home.  We hadn't seen much sunshine and I thought they forecasted rain for later in the day.

eflyguy rode down the mountain a bit to get some action shots
eflyguy's Gen2
Then the SC guys departed, heading on over the mountain the way we'd gone earlier while the GA gang went the other way.

On the way home, I discovered they are reopening Turner's Corner Cafe next month.  It was a fantastic day!!  I was pleased to be included in the group and hope I get to ride with them again.

Thanks to eflyguy for all of the pictures!

Thank you for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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  1. nice! i miss georgia so much! i'll be back soon....triumphgrrl99


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