04 October 2014

Ride Report: About Damned Time

28 September 2014:  "I'm following you."

I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd been on a weekend ride until I got about halfway to the regular meet spot in Cumming GA and realized I'd left all my cameras at home.  It was too late to turn back, not that I would have anyway.  I have to be thinking about videoing a ride before I can actually pull it off.  For this ride, I had one request:  Ride Ft. Mountain.

Flipping leads to flaring

One of the few things I remembered clearly since the symptoms of Lupus started feeding on me is the conversation I had with my big sister about having lupus. My sister was always my trailblazer. Whatever path she chose, I knew to take a different one. From the moment my dr in California told me I had lupus,there were only two things on my mind: moving back home and making my doctor see me.

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