28 November 2011

FZ1 Maintenance: Front Tire Change

20, 26, and 27 November

That's right, three damned days!  This is a saga of stubbornness.

I was very excited to finally get my own tire changer at the end of the Summer.  It's not one of those high dollar ones and needs mods to be effective but still it meant freedom from tire install fees or riding across town to get Cruzman's help.

25 November 2011

I missed it!

Our four year anniversary.

Somehow I let the day pass without noticing it!  I'm truly ashamed of myself.  However I think I've made amends.

23 November 2011

FZ1 Mod: Front Suspension

R1 Fork Conversion.  It's been a long time coming but it's finally happened.  Back in August, I posted about sourcing parts to do this year's mods.  At the time I was planning one way but as the doing came about, my plans changed.

When I decided to do this back in February, I optimistically said I'd be installing it around this time.  I thought I was lying when I said it but it sounded real good.  It also turned out to be truth!  I'll start this from the beginning so it's all in one place.  

20 November 2011

Ride Report: Riding in Circles

19 Nov 2011: Going to Cheaha

Cruzman and I tried going to Alabama this earlier this year with bad results.  I was thinking that I wanted to have a successful  trip there this year when he asked where I wanted to go for the ride.  At the time we planned it, I thought I'd have the new front end and this would be a test.  Some unexpected emotions delayed that install and made this ride even more important for me.  I needed to ride.

14 November 2011

DIY Heated Gear: New Heated Glove Liners

The Glove Liners 2.0 work a little too well.  I've discovered it was over kill to use two 5' strands of nichrome wire heatshrinked together.  Those liners are 26w each glove at the 13.3v my bike produces while moving.  They are much too hot when I connect them to the battery tender lead!  I found that even with the controller on it's lowest setting, I still had to turn it off to prevent burning my hands.

04 November 2011

Ride Report: Rattling theWolf--It's gonna be a long day

29 Oct 2011
Not long after we (Cruzman) changed the rear wheel bearings, Cruzman said something about riding in a few weeks.  A few weeks from when he proposed was my big brother's birthday weekend.  I knew we wouldn't be doing anything on Saturday because he has to work but I wasn't sure about Sunday, his actual birthday.  I hadn't done anything for my big brother on his birthday beyond calling and singing happy birthday off key.  Since it's been a rough couple of months, I wanted to be sure we did something on his birthday so I told Cruzman the only day I could ride that weekend was Saturday.

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