21 November 2013

FZ1 Mod: New Mirrors

Last September, I Fuzzy-fied my mirrors.  Well, mostly did it anyway.  During my last ride (which I still haven't written about), I noticed my mirrors were getting loose and it was likely time to take them off, finish the Fuzzyone mirror mod by adding the notches, and put them back on.  I've also been looking at mirrors for years because I don't really like the look of the OEM mirrors.

07 November 2013

Trip Report: Spontaneous Overnighter!

5 Oct 2013: TWoS

The Atlanta Area FZ1OA members planned to get together in September but the weekend was rained out.  Cruzman was desperate for a get away and unbeknownst to him, so was I.  We joined a few other forum members for a Wednesday night dinner and on the way discussed the possibility of spending the night at the re-opened (and re-named) Two Wheels of Suches campground.

FZ1 Maintenance: The Valve Check

My valve check was overdue.  I knew when the time came for the first valve check I'd have issues because I'm reluctant to take the bike to a mechanic.  Not to mention I've gotten cheap in the last few years.  When time for the first check came, I read FastFrank's Valve Check Tips and got confused so I decided to do nothing based on other owners report that no adjustment was needed.

06 November 2013

FZ1 Maintenance: Homemade AIS Removal

I originally did this back in August then my desktop with all my notes about it crashed so I've spent the last couple of months playing Real Racing 3 and fixing my computer--more one than the other.  Back in August, I had a 5 phase maintenance plan:  AIS, Clean Engine/Inspect Hoses, Check Valves, Change Spark Plugs, and Flush/Fill Radiator.  There was one more thing left:  Check Swingarm Bearings but since it was at the other end of the bike, I left it out of the plan.

07 August 2013

Ride Report: Sunset and beyond.

4 August 2013:  All I wanted was a rain free ride.  My last ride ended just as the leading edge of the tropical storm blew in.  Yes I knew it was going to rain that day but I thought it would be much later in the afternoon.  It took me a week to get Baby clean again.

25 July 2013

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally--The Ride Home

9 Jun 2013.  As excited as I was to be going to the rally, I was nearly that excited to go home.  It wasn't because I wanted to be at home.  It was because Cycle Gear was on the way to the house!

19 July 2013

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally Day 2

8 Jun 2013

We started the day with the same plan as the day before:  KSU @ 7 for a Dragon Run then meet the others for the day's ride.  We knew the group ride was either the Road to Nowhere or the Franklin Run.  Cruzman wasn't sure he wanted to do either and I didn't care as long as it was a day spent riding.  With that in mind, we rode up to the Resort to rouse iluvmyfz1 since he hadn't made his way to the campsite by 7:15ish.

13 July 2013

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally Day 1

7 Jun 2013: The PreRide: A new way to go.

Cruzman teased me the night before about not being able to get up early enough to go for an early morning run up the Dragon so I was determined to prove him wrong.  That was probably just what he wanted but I'm not too proud to say it worked.  Well sort of.

06 July 2013

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally Arrival Day

6 Jun 2013:  Finally!

I was really been looking forward to this day for about three weeks.  Why?  Because I haven't ridden since February.  No little day trips and very few errands by bike.  It's partially because I was saving for the trip and partially because every time I get on the bike I'm way too tempted to just keep going.

22 June 2013

FZ1 Repair: Wheel Painting

31 May 2013:  Fixing my screw up.

Last year in an effort to learn to do some of my own maintenance, I scratched the *&^%$#@! out of my rear rim attempting to change the tire on my Harbor Freight Tire Changer without modding it.  The guy I bought it from said he did tire changes without scratching the rims so I should be able to as well.  Uhh...nope.

Update plus ride reports to follow.

Not many, just from the FZ1OA Rally but I'll be posting them over the next few days.  Here's a pic to tantalize you a little:

Not from the Rally but from today wearing my new (closeout) Sedici Monza Leather Pants and another Bilt Viper Helmet from Cycle Gear.

Oh, I almost forgot:

The rear wheel is back in black!

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

19 February 2013

Ride Report: LRC...not what I remembered

17 Feb 2013:  Brrr it's c-c-co-cold!
In January when I had dinner with some local members of the FZ1OA, I talked about wanting to ride to Little River Canyon.  The last (and first) time I rode it was with the eFn's right after they got their FJR.  I commented that the FJR was an old man's bike and eFnJustRide proceeded to school me going down the canyon road.  That was at least 5 years ago when I wasn't too recovered from my flare up.  I've been wanting to ride that road again since I am more familiar with Baby and have improved my riding skillz.

24 January 2013

Donation Thank You

To Jim from CA!  Thanks.  I hope to ride this weekend so ride report maybe pending.

15 January 2013

Ride Report: First Ride 2013

12 Jan 2013:  Solo Excursion
My New Year's Resolution is to ride more.  The last week or so the weather has been unseasonably warm so I thought I try to get a ride in on the weekend.  My brother suggested a Saturday ride so I could be home to watch the Falcons on Sunday.  Unfortunately, it wasn't until after 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

04 January 2013

Ride Report: 3 Ninjas Attack Mountains

23 Dec 2012:  The world didn't end, let's go for a ride!

We had a simple plan that took us all week to develop:  Meet in Cumming at 8 and bring iluvmyfz1's liner since he's coming too.  I layered up and headed out right about when I wanted to on Sunday morning.  The sky was pre-dawn purple and seemed pretty clear.  Before I even got out of the neighborhood, I could feel the icy air blasting into my jacket right where I'd forgotten to snap the top buttons.

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