14 August 2012

FZ1 Maintenance: Catching up

Other than oil changes and mods, I've just been riding carefree.  During the Rally, I noticed Baby was running a little rough and suspected it may just need a carb sync.  Cruzman reinforced this when he asked (out of the blue) if I'd synced my carbs.  Uh...no.

11 August 2012

Ride Report: Feeling Advanced

29 July 2012

After installing the ELS +4 Advancer I was anxious to go for a nice long ride to test it.  I was so anxious I didn't get any sleep the night before I wanted to ride.  Instead of riding, I hung out with my niece.  Sunday morning, after getting a little more sleep but waking up way too groggy to think about riding, I watched the F1 race and pondered if I'd get the chance to ride soon.

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