14 November 2012

Ride Analysis: .GPX Data

Here's some stuff I forgot to put in the last ride report.  Most of the time I run my gps so that it will make tracks during the ride so I'll know how far and where we've gone.  I have been using the website gpsanalyzer but this time I downloaded GPSPrune from the Ubuntu Software Center.

12 November 2012

Ride Report: Track Demo and Cheaha

10 Nov 2012:  Finally a ride longer than 20 miles
I was really anxious to ride after not being able to since the last ride.  I'd begged my brother to ride Baby to work one day so he could get a bit of a workout after sitting for nearly two months.  A little seafoam in the tank and he was still running like a champ.  I convinced Cruzman to sign up for the NESBA/Yamaha Bike Demo at the Barber Motorsports Track Day.

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