30 September 2011

Trip Report: There and Back, Day 2

10 Sep 2011
The Skyway, Road to Nowhere, and Hwy 28

The night before, Cruzman said he wanted to go to the Road to Nowhere.  Great!  Now what do we do with the morning?  The Road to Nowhere is maybe a half an hour from where we were camped at Cheoah Point Campground.  There's always the Skyway, so it was off to Tellico Plains early.

29 September 2011

Trip Report: There and Back Camping

9 Sep 2011
Turning a ride into a Camping Trip

I'd planned this trip before TheMomma died.  It's still hard to think or even type those words some 39 days after it happened.  Anyway, I decided I would go ahead with the trip because I am still alive and that's what she'd want me to do.  I knew that's what I was going to do but the days leading up to the trip I wasn't doing anything to get ready for it.

Ride Report: R6 Shock Test

4 Sep 2011
Solo Ride

I think this was my first solo ride in a long time.  I'd almost forgotten how it felt!  My plan was to go somewhere close where I could take multiple runs up and down the mountain to get a feel for my new shock.

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