31 July 2010

Still too hot to ride...

...But after all the stuff I bought earlier in the month, I'm too broke to mod!  I did get one more thing though.  It was something I wanted since I first saw them on the FZ1OA forum but they were no longer available.

13 July 2010

Ride Report: Northwest Georgia

11 July 2010
I don't know what we were thinking when we agreed to this route.  Going west in July is insane when there's a heat wave covering the Eastern part of the country.  Morning temps were in the comfortable mid 70s when I left the house a little after 7 to meet up with TopWop and the eFns at the eFn House.

02 July 2010

When it's too hot to ride, Mod!!

My neice is annoying me...My niece and nephew are here for the holiday!!  Great except that little girl is getting on my last nerve.  She thinks she's cute and nobody can tell her otherwise.

She insisted that I write a whole entry about her and is trying to be the grammar police.  She don't even know how to say bugle!  Either way this post won't just be about her.

She said I should put that she's sweet.  So far she's been all right but there are days when I could just choke her.  Don't let the innocent looks fool you.  She is James Brown Crazy.

Now, on to the actual post...

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