31 July 2010

Still too hot to ride...

...But after all the stuff I bought earlier in the month, I'm too broke to mod!  I did get one more thing though.  It was something I wanted since I first saw them on the FZ1OA forum but they were no longer available.

Devilsyam Original Frame Plugs
It's one of the drawbacks to owning a bike that is no longer in production.  After a while, the aftermarket parts are harder and harder to find.  Especially the really cool stuff.  The good thing is the FZ1 is not as rare as the VX800 and it is a lot younger so there is still some good stuff available, just not some of the things I wanted.

One of the members made polished frame plugs to accent the frame cover on the bike.  I really liked them in the pictures and even more when I saw them in person on several bikes at the Rally.  Fortuned shined on me when the guy got another FZ1 and started making some of the old bling and some new bling for the Gen I.  When I got back from the rally, he posted he was selling them again and I was anxious to get a set.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get them until July so I patiently waited.

While waiting, it got even better.  He was now making them in anodized black.  I went from wanting the polished ones to the black ones in an instant.  After exchanging private messages across two forums, I finally paid for a set.  They came in mid week and never made it inside the house.  Straight from the envelope to the bike:

Just a few more things and I hope to be done buying stuff for the bike.  I think that's what everyone says.

For August, I plan to get Joe's Rad cover and the Bi Xenon Hids.  I would have got them in July, but by the time I was ready to order them, they didn't have the ones I wanted -- the new ac type that promises no flickering.  I don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds really good to me.

Oh, and one more bit of good farkling news.  The ultimate Generation 1 FZ1 farkle, the multigauge is kind of available and I am on the wait list for one!!

I have been taking some short night rides to test one of my cameras, the car dvr.  Mounting it to the frame is too vibey, just like with the MD80 and MD91 but I can stick it in the tank bag using the pedestal stand that comes with it.  Here's an un-edited night ride from the grocery store:

It's not too bad there but the thing does want to flop downward rather than staying where it is aimed.  Unfortunately, mine didn't come with a handlebar mount like some of the others I've seen that cost a little more for the same camera.  I may have found a solution for that:  a bicycle torch mount.
From eBay Seller whatasmartchoice

Too bad I can't get it before my next ride.  I hope I can find a way to put this on the bike behind the windshield as that seems to be the best place for it to hear the bike's song.

Tomorrow, 1 Aug 2010, is a ride day.  Cruzman and I will be prowling North GA and parts of Tennessee.  I hope the bathrooms are open on TN 68 this time!

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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