23 June 2012

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally Ride Day 2 and Going Home

9 June 2012:  Ride Day 2

The plan: meet at the Fontana Gas Station at 9.  We weren't even sure where we were going.  With a little extra time in the morning Cruzman left me at camp to ride the Dragon I went to the Lodge for a cup of coffee and ran into iluvmyfz1.  It was a good thing too because he arrived after dark the night before and wasn't sure where the gas station was.

14 June 2012

Trip Report: FZ1OA Rally, Ride Day 1

8 June 2012:  Little River RD, again?

The last two years (my only two years) I've spent the weekend riding with whoever I rode up with.  This year I made myself a promise that I'd ride with the largest group I could find and try to get to know more people.  That meant I had no idea where I wanted to ride only that I wanted to ride.  We decided to meet at eflyguy's cabin at 7 the night before at the fire pit.  There were about 5 or 6 guys around at the time and the plan was to have a good ride and be back kind of early.

13 June 2012

Trip Report: 2012 FZ1OA Rally Arrival Day

7 June 2012:  I met Cruzman in Blairsville for the ride up to the Fontana Village in North Carolina for this year's rally around 5 p.m.  I got a little confused about where we were meeting even though I told him where I wanted to meet.  Fortunately, I had cell service so after a couple of messages, he was on his way to me while I gassed up.

02 June 2012

FZ1 Mod: R1 Fork Conversion Revisited

Lower Triple Do Over.
Back in January I had my front wheels bearings replaced because I noticed a little wiggle with the front tire.  It turns out it wasn't the wheel bearings but loose steering.  It seems you shake the wheel to test the wheel bearings and the forks for the steering bearings.  I shook the wheel it shook but I didn't bother to shake the forks.  During my last trip, the steering loosened up so much I could no longer deny that there might be something else wrong.

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