16 March 2012

Gear: Evolution of my sound system

My Bike to Bike Integrated Audio System Solution.

It started not long after I started commuting.  The song of the v-twin and wind just wasn't enough as I navigated through LA traffic.  My first system was simple:  Dollar store headphones that I inserted into my helmet plugged into my no skip cd player that was a leftover from when I owned my Jeep.  That worked well enough until the need to talk to other riders arose while I planned a cross country trip.   Most of the solutions back then cost multiple hundred dollars and weren't what I needed since I only figured I'd use it during the three week trip.

13 March 2012

Ride Report: The Franklin Loop

3 Mar 2012:  Are those snow flurries?

I didn't do a real ride in February.  In fact, I didn't do much last month.  I did ride the bike to look at houses but that's about it.  The weather was part of it, my lupie mind the other.  I just didn't feel like riding.  I couldn't stop thinking about my bikes though and have mental plans for both of them.  February was pretty much a wash as far as getting a "real" ride in for the month, so Cruzman and I planned to ride together the first weekend in March.

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