25 April 2011

Repairing the damage, part 2

It took a while, but all the parts finally arrived.  Even though I replaced the broken Zero Gravity screen with another one, a few weeks later I found myself with a second broken Zero Gravity screen making me regret my decision to stick with Zero Gravity.

17 April 2011

FZ1 Maintenance: General Thoughts

I was supposed to ride on Thursday but due to circumstances, I didn't.  Instead I've spent the last few days in the garage doing maintenance.  Since I replaced the battery on my laptop and I can use it for more than 3 minutes off of the power cord, I had it in the garage while I worked so I could consult Pat's FZ1 Page.  That page is the Bible for the Gen 1 (2001-2005) FZ1.  It's better than my Clymer and easier to understand than the Service Manual I downloaded a few weeks ago from partshark.com.

14 April 2011

I haven't been doing much, just planning.

When I started this blog, I wanted to build up to the big trip.  The Definitely Indefinite Tour of the US and Canada.  Well, the Tour got changed to a Trip.  The Trip got changed from Definitely Indefinite to something that is now nameless due to some foreseen issues.

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