04 October 2014

Ride Report: About Damned Time

28 September 2014:  "I'm following you."

I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd been on a weekend ride until I got about halfway to the regular meet spot in Cumming GA and realized I'd left all my cameras at home.  It was too late to turn back, not that I would have anyway.  I have to be thinking about videoing a ride before I can actually pull it off.  For this ride, I had one request:  Ride Ft. Mountain.

Flipping leads to flaring

One of the few things I remembered clearly since the symptoms of Lupus started feeding on me is the conversation I had with my big sister about having lupus. My sister was always my trailblazer. Whatever path she chose, I knew to take a different one. From the moment my dr in California told me I had lupus,there were only two things on my mind: moving back home and making my doctor see me.

07 July 2014

Learning to fly: from toys to UAV

I have been doing things just not many motorcycle things.  Oddly, motorcycle things let me to this new interest in radio controlled multicopters, or what are more commonly called drones but should be called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).  My journey started with cheap on board video cameras.  It has progressed to UAVs.

17 May 2014

It's been a while!

Just didn't realize it was this long!  I'm okay, Baby's okay.  Nothing really new to report...a few long rides with Cruzman and family in the interim.  I got a new 1080p cam so I'm back to figuring out how to mount the camera so I can take awesome shots and create amazing videos!

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