17 May 2014

It's been a while!

Just didn't realize it was this long!  I'm okay, Baby's okay.  Nothing really new to report...a few long rides with Cruzman and family in the interim.  I got a new 1080p cam so I'm back to figuring out how to mount the camera so I can take awesome shots and create amazing videos!

Okay, I know that takes some talent I don't have.  In the meantime a little motorcycle content...
From Warwoman RD in March:
My new cam is the Innovv C1. (front facing in this video)  That thing is awesome!  You know me so I didn't spend a lot of $$ on it (Yes, only 2 $'s instead of 3 if it had been a go pro or something like it).  I still need to adjust the color so it's less blue but that's amazing footage.  I like it so much, I'm trying to become a U.S. Reseller.  If I did would you buy a "motorcyclist" package from me?

Short rear facing vid from later the same day somewhere in North Carolina.  I did research about the area for a ride report I didn't write yet...so I guess I have a ride report pending.

I got new gear too!
I think I posted about being back in a yellow helmet when I got my AFX FX-100 Multi in yellow.  Here's my new leather jacket to match the new leather pants I got around the same time as the helmet.  It's a Powder Blue/White Technic Women's Venom jacket that I got from motorcyclecloseouts.com.  They are a match for the pants so now I have 2-piece leathers that are getting comfortable and comfortabler with each ride.

Oddly, I don't have a pic of me fully suited up but I'm sure there'll be one before summer gets here for realz.

The bad news:  I lost Ebony the week before Christmas.  She was such a sweet dawg who I didn't deserve.  A smart bitch who could use a tablet to surf the net to find ride reports about dogs riding then look at me as if to say, "See they can, how come I can't?"

Lexxi was just as devastated as I was.  "She's gotta be commin' home!"
But a few months later, Leon walked into my life.  Literally walked up to the front door...okay maybe not the front door butt to Lexxi.

We peppered the neighborhood with signs that would mysteriously dissapear by the time you got back.  He's a sweet heart and I hope no one is broken hearted because he's gone.  His name is Leon.  He appears to be a Pit Lab mix and the perfect match for the ruffian Lexxi.

With all that stuff going on, how could I have time to ride and write about it?  But I do have time to fly and make videos!

Yes the mini quadcopter you see in this video was not harmed at the time of the shoot.  But later--ooo still waiting on parts.  Stay tuned, I'm working on having a fleet to make chase videos!

 No, these are not fleet worthy and I'm not willing to pay for a "real" flying rig that could do just as well as these with my $$ cams stuck on them.  These are to train me for the big boy.  Even then, non of that chase video stuff (unless you all sign something saying I'm not responsible for the crashes and crashes that could happen).

 This is still a work in progress.

Thanks for reading,
see y'all at the rally next month (Fontana's around the 7 or 8.  check on FZ1OA for details.

--patrice, theWolfTamer

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