28 January 2011

DIY: Budget Conscious Wiring

Or Cleaning up the Rat's Nest.

When I started adding electrical stuff to the bike, I never imagined I'd end up with so much stuff. At first it was simply the alarm and the accessory outlet. By the time I got around to the aux lighting, I had a mess under my seat. I searched for a way to clean it up using a budget conscious approach since I am broke!

DIY Heated Gear: Jacket Liner 2.0

The Nichrome Solution.
Last time I used the teflon coated single strand hook up wire that required one long length with the fleece jacket liner (v 1.2).  The liner is very warm but it's not comfortable under my First Gear Monarch jacket, especially around the neck.  It works great with the Fieldsheer Flex jacket, but I wanted something I can use with the winter jacket so it was back to the drawing board.  My solution was to use the nichrome wire and a light weight "wind" breaker.

14 January 2011

FZ1 Maintenance: The Tires

The Pirelli Lesson.
A few months ago, I needed new tires and purchased the Pirelli Angels based on reputation and price.  I decided to change from the Bridgestone BT-021s before I even decided which tire to use because I'd been reading how bad they were on the forums.  I thought that I needed to find out for myself so I'd try other brands for a couple of tire changes then decide my brand loyalty.

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