27 October 2012

Ride Report: Another Long Day...Maybe

16 Sep 2012.  The day before the ride, I discovered that the charger in my tank bag wasn't charging.  Actually I thought I'd have to replace the 12v accessory plug but it was the outlet inside the tank bag.  I have another one but it's smaller and doesn't fit in the hole inside the bag.  Instead of messing with it, I just switched to my smaller bag.

24 October 2012

Sam has been sent away

I admit that I've been a very bad motorcycle Mommy.  It's clear I favor Baby over Sam and have since the first day I brought him home.  It's also true that Sam wasn't running well and fell a victim of taking him to multiple mechanics until I found one that could get the job done.  But of course it's not that simple.  I think it's time to step into the way back machine to tell a little more about my history with Sam.

21 October 2012


I haven't been doing too much.  Right now I'm recovering from the shingles for the second time.

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