24 October 2012

Sam has been sent away

I admit that I've been a very bad motorcycle Mommy.  It's clear I favor Baby over Sam and have since the first day I brought him home.  It's also true that Sam wasn't running well and fell a victim of taking him to multiple mechanics until I found one that could get the job done.  But of course it's not that simple.  I think it's time to step into the way back machine to tell a little more about my history with Sam.

Sam is my first bike and he taught me things about riding motorcycles that non of my male role model could.  I got him on a Tuesday or Wednesday and TheLawman (my big bro) wouldn't let me ride him home, saying it was too far and we didn't know what the traffic would be like, and a whole bunch of other reasons for me not to ride my own motorcycle home.  Once I got him there, he was sitting there all dreamy looking.  Hoping I'd be the Beauty to his Beast.

Somewhere near Canaan Valley, WV back in 2004 (I think).
Little did he know I was the Beast!  Once I got used to riding, I stopped dropping him one or twice, heck sometimes thrice during a week.  By the time I moved home from California, I was down to once every two or three months.  Sam had a love/hate relationship with SoCal.  He loved being my preferred mode of transportation making sure he let Jason know each time he was left at home while Sam took me to work or out just to explore my new home.  Jason was a good mustang and understood it had to be that way sometimes.  He always left space for Sam to park right next to him.  But when he didn't, Sam had to dodge the other cars seeking parking spots and sometimes that didn't go too well.

He got knocked down and picked up at least two or three times that I know about.  The last straw was the lady that ran him over trying to get into her driveway.  I always parked there and never to close to the driveway, she was just being evil.

Enter theWolf!  I slowly started sending things back home because since theWolf was going to be in my life, I wanted my pack to help me with it.  Specifically, I wanted theWolfcanKissMYASS to help (my big Sister) and TheMomma to keep a motherly eye on both of us.  So after riding Sam for basically everyday while I lived out there, I had to put him in the care of a friend until I could come back and bring him Home.

Six months passed before I was "well" enough to do it.  I say "well" but if you could talk to the other members of the pack, they'd tell you I wasn't and everybody dragged their feet in regards to this endeavor.  I don't think any of them wanted me back on a motorcycle after the battle theWolf and I'd just fought.  In fact, I was still licking wounds.  Somehow I got through to TheLawman that I needed to go get my stuff and if they wouldn't help, I'd do it my damn self.

I was so thrilled to see Sam and I think he was to see me.  My friends barely recognized me.  theWolf had really did a number on me.  I was convinced by looking at their reactions when they saw me.  "Poor, pitiful you.  Do you know what you're going to do?" theWolf answered those questions for me. I'm not to clear on how his people skills are but since only one of those people answer my emails now I can just imagine.

We couldn't stay long.  We had the truck rented, my stuff loaded, even poor Sam, and the Lawman and I headed east.  After a few days, I was back with the pack and ready to renew my relationship with Sam.  Sam did well the first few months but he needed his carbs synced.  The carbs on a VX800 are fickle fuckers that need to be synced often.  At this time I didn't have the confidence to attempt it myself and all of my motorcycle mentors said to take to the shop to have it done.  If I could go back in time!

Three mechanics later, Sam was half a bike.  There was a guy who could get him hole but he was recovering from something and couldn't do it at that time and wasn't even sure when he could get to it.  Okay.  I bought Baby the next day and told Sam that this was temporary and soon he'd be fixed and we'd be together again.

At the end of last (yes 2011) I finally got Sam back.  He'd be fixed correctly, then dressed up so that he could become an escort bike so that I could help my brother do escorts.

My brother was supposed to help me pay for this.  So when he hadn't by the end of last year, I said screw it, I'm going to get my bike.  I'll not go into another year owing that guy based on a promise that I no longer remembered to do a thing that we weren't doing.  Unfortunately, Sam didn't look this good when I got him back.
One of the carbs had a stuck float, he'd been outside under a tarp and looked a little weather.  But all I saw was what it looked like before I put it in "Escort" Mode.

During my "training" with the Women on Wheels

I got him loaded on the trailer...again
He's leaving me.

Then delivered him across the city to Cruzman so he could act as my sales guy.

He's parked in Cruzman's shed/workshop waiting on Cruzman to finish what I started:  just get him running again.  Then I can put the rest of his clothes on and list him for sale.

I must admit, when I got home, Baby didn't look sad at all to see Sam out of the garage.  In fact, he was  giving Big Gurl the stink eye wondering when she'd go home too.  Big Gurl ain't going no where.  As long as I have a garage, my brother can park her in it.  I've decided not to mention there may be a replacement bike in the garage for Baby to get to know.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

Me and Sam in May 2004.  I kind of look like my sister in that pic.

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