21 October 2012


I haven't been doing too much.  Right now I'm recovering from the shingles for the second time.
I've finally made a decision on Sam.  It's time to let him go.  He'll be going up for sale as soon as my brother moves his car out of the way so I can take some updated pics and post an ad.  If anyone one wants a project VX800, make an offer!

The Bags are not apart of the sale.  They've already been removed.

In place of Sam, I'm looking at older dual sport/enduro/adventure bikes thanks to Cruzman, eFlyguy, and ADVRider.  I really like the Yamaha XT600s
Image source:  http://www.pic2fly.com/XT600+Yamaha.html

Honda Dominator

Suzuki DR650
and the likes.  With any luck, I may be able to put one in Sam's place in the garage.

I've also done a little work on Baby.  I attempted to strip the paint off of the rear rim where I'd severely nicked the rim trying to change the tire.

Don't look too close, there's a difference between the sides.  Both Cruzman and TheLawman (my big bro) said I need to make it even and do the front rim.  Okay, one day.

After my last ride (no ride report because I didn't take any pictures.  If you want one anyway, post up and I'll get it up), the chain started whining so I knew it was time to replace it.  Last year when I had the knackered bearings, it helped the basically new chain I'd installed to have a tight and loose spot (according to Cruzman).  When I adjusted the chain prior to the ride, I apparently did it on the loose spot and the sucker got looser.

Cruzman re-adjusted it and the thing starting whining in protest.  I was going to simply replace the chain but after perusing the instructions that came with the new one, I realized I needed to replace the sprockets too.  Good thing I did:

Despite developing the shingles in the middle of this, I got the chain and sprockets changed.  It took a week, but I got 'er done.

 And for those of you who say pics or it didn't happen.  Here's my shingles album.

When I felt better for three days in a row, I finally got to ride 11 miles to test out my new chain and sprockets.  Best eleven miles I've ever ridden!

The next day, I put on my hand guards and swapped out my worn grips for new ones

 and I picked up a used rim so that I can practice my tire changes.

I knew when I saw it that it wasn't an FZ1 rim like the guy who I bought it from thought.  It's the rim from a YZF600 but he says the guy he got his bike from swears he had this rim on his bike.  I got it for really cheap so it doesn't matter too much.  I'll get to practice tire changes and hopefully learn how to do with without gouging/scraping my rims.  Then I can get them powdercoated.

Other than getting the rims to look pretty (and possibly getting the dent in the tank fixed), the other change I have in mind for Baby is to get an adjustable kickstand so it won't be so straight up.

I'm hoping next year I spend more time riding instead of the modding I've done the last couple of years. But for now,

Thanks for reading,
Patrice theWolfTamer

Did I mention I got a 5 Star Rack (thanks to diehli on the FZ1OA)?  Cruzman had plans to make a rack for me but I couldn't pass this up.

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