31 August 2011

FZ1 Mod: Multiguage

I've mentioned this thing on the blog several times.  When I first saw it I knew I had to have one, if only for the gear indicator function.  Earlier this month I finally purchased the Multigauge.  It arrived about 12 days after I ordered it.  If you can solder a bit, it's a fairly easy install.  schlumpf has instructions on his site that you can download and Pat did an excellent page of an earlier version that helps too.

29 August 2011

FZ1 Mod: Rear Suspension Upgrade

The Poor Man's Shock Upgrade:  An R6 Shock and new dogbones.

When Devilsyam posted on the FZ1 forums about his version of a Penske or Olins shock, I decided that I should do my rear suspension too.  The R1 Fork Conversion is coming along better than I expected which means it should happen a lot sooner than I originally thought.  I decided to let a real mechanic tackle the front end conversion but for this upgrade, I'd do it myself (with a little help from Cruzman).

23 August 2011


20 Aug 2011 3:23 PM

This is a day that has changed my life forever.  The reason I exist is gone.  On Saturday 20 Aug 2011 at about 3 in the afternoon, My mother died.  My brother and I performed CPR for nearly twenty minutes before the EMTs arrived and took over but she could not be revived.

09 August 2011

FZ1 Mod: Sourcing Parts

I'm getting closer to completing my Dream Mods:  R1 Fork Conversion and The Multiguage.  Earlier this year I posted about getting the spacer and forks for the fork conversion.  So far this year I've been diligently gathering parts, taking advantage of some great deals!

07 August 2011

Ride Report: Last minute get together

31 July 11:  Anywhere as long as we include Wayah RD
323 Miles

On Saturday evening I was reading the FZ1OA forum and thinking about riding some of the roads I missed from the last ride.  eflyguy posted something about finally getting his baffle removed and mentioned that for the first time in weeks he felt like riding.  We were essentially exchanging posts real time over a couple of threads and I started think about asking him if he wanted to join me on Sunday.  As I switched over to my email application, I got a mail notice.  It was from efly, asking if I wanted to ride on Sunday!

FZ1 Maintenance: Cleaning the header pipes

I'm categorizing this maintenance because while I was doing it I looked at some parts of the bike I never think about.  I check to make sure all those bolts were tight, felt around for some holes, and inspected for rust.  I'm sure there was some other stuff I was supposed to be looking for but didn't bother with!

02 August 2011

Ride Report: Rain or Shine!

24 July 2011:  The Skyway, Hellbender, Dams, Lakes, and Waterfalls.
425 Tire eating miles

A few days after our last ride, I got a one line email from Cruzman:  We're going to ride on the 24th.  Or something like that.  Later he said something about the Skyway and Hwy 28 then we were talking possible routes.  After a long conversation we had the basics of the ride decided and he was going to email me the final route.

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