08 December 2012

Ride Report: Around Lake Burton

8 Dec 2012:  Solo Ride

After getting the adjustable kickstand installed, I decided to give it an extended test.  I thought it would happen earlier in the week when I went to the doctor but as soon as I walked in the office and saw a full waiting room, I knew that wasn't going to happen.  The weather has been really mild lately, with high temps into the mid 70s, so I hoped the trend would continue for the weekend.  The forecast called for intermittent showers on a kinda cloudy day so I decided to take a chance.

03 December 2012

FZ1 Mod: Adjustable Kickstand

After all of the suspension work, Baby has been inadvertently lowered a little bit.  It wasn't exactly planned but with my lack of inseam I like it.  I resisted purposefully lowering (both of my bikes) because I didn't want to lose any ground clearance or important bits like the centerstand and if I did it I wanted it to be done the "right" way.

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