23 February 2010

Ride Report: Cheaha AL

21 Feb 2010
After weeks of cold, rain, snow, rain, cold, and rain I was ready for a ride.  In December David, Cruzman from FZ1oa forum, suggested we ride together again but because of the weather and theWolf the ride got delayed until now.  The plan was to meet him at the Home Depot on Thornton Road in Lithia Springs, GA, about an hour away from me, at around 9 a.m.  I was getting excited about the idea of being able to get out for a long ride for the first time since Christmas Eve.  David chose Cheaha Mountain and Alabama's Highest Point for our destination.

22 February 2010

There's a reason the suspension is adjustable.

20 Feb 2010

Recently I'd been feeling a little discontent about the handling on my 2005 FZ1 (Baby). For some reason, when hitting the twisties hard, the front end no longer felt stable. I didn't notice it unless I was pushing it and then the front felt as if it were going to slide out from under me. I'm sure my corrections seemed comical to anyone watching as I tried to compensate.

17 February 2010

Impressions: Fieldsheer Flex Leather Jacket and All Season Overpants

Flex Jacket
I got this jacket last summer for my birthday. They had them at motorcyclecloseouts.com for $199 (and still have a few). It is my first leather riding jacket and I wasn't sure what to expect.

11 February 2010

Shooting video

I don't know why I want to do it, but I do.  Because I don't want to spend money on things like camera mounts until I know for sure this is something I will be doing on a regular basis, I chose to make my own.  I did a version of the $5 camera mount.

09 February 2010

Ride Report: Exhausting theWolf, an Ellijay Loop

7 Nov 2009:
Last Sunday's ride assured me theWolf's bindings were secure.  The week that followed found me re-energized for the battles ahead.  This weekend, I want it to stay that way.  I could be certain it would with theWolf tired.  With that in mind, I agreed to meet David (aka Cruzman on the FZ1oa forum) in far away Smyrna (some 40 miles from home).  I knew it would be a long day beforehand, just didn't know how long!!

Ride Report: Relashing the Bindings, a Northern Leaf Tour

1 Nov 2009

For the first time since the first weekend in October, I got to go farther than 8 miles from the house on my bike.  Between the weather, shuttling Mom to the docs, and being broke I'd been housebound for a month and it was driving me crazy!!

Riding is my therapy and without it, the Wolf attacks and I am powerless to tame it.  Little rides kept the wolf in it's cage, but it was pacing, waiting for an opportunity.  I could see it clawing at the fresh bindings I'd applied a couple of days before when I took a wet ride to the pharmacy at dusk.  They wouldn't last long without some better action on my part.

Suzuki VX800 Mod: Penny Tech Luggage Solution

A little history:  Last summer my brother had me very excited about the idea of being able to ride a motorcycle and make a little money.  I had a bike I could use, with a little modification.  My first motorcycle is a 1993 Suzuki VX800.  For me it was the perfect bike because it was forgiving enough to learn on yet powerful enough to keep once I'd gotten more experience.  When I got sick in the spring of 2005, the VX800 (Sam) had to sit for about six months.

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