31 August 2010

Ride Report: Fizzy Mountain Ride

29 August 2010: Feeling Fizzy
Total miles: 413.4

(Note: This Ride report is written by Cruzman and theWolfTamer. My part will look like this. Cruzman's part will look like this.)

Since my last ride was the aborted boot test ride with eflyguy, I was really looking forward to this ride, now more than before for another reason: Baby got jetted 8 days ago and it was time for a true test ride! Our planned ride was set even before the Jetting happened. The planning started mid-month with an email from Cruzman, "what do you think about this?" and something really offensive about trailering the bikes to Murphy, NC. I okayed the proposed route but refused the trailer offer.

26 August 2010

FZ1 Mod: Bi Xenon Conversion Kit

25 August 2010:  Can you See Me Now?

Last year when I met Cruzman, he had the 8000k xenon lights in his FZ1 and they were very noticeable.  After the ride, it got me thinking about headlights.  His lights didn't put out more lights than mine, they were just different colored.  I wondered if oncoming traffic would see him before me because of the color I chose.  I chose the 6000k xenons so I could see, never thinking about being seen.  At some point, I decided to stick with the xenons I had rather than changing colors.  But I did start thinking about lighting.

23 August 2010

FZ1 Mod: RavenRider Jet Kit

21 August 2010
The aftermarket muffler restricts less air than the stock one so the proper thing is to re-jet the carbs to match the new configuration.  I read and re-read most of the posts on carb jetting on both of the FZ1 specific forums before deciding to go with the RavenRider carb suggestions.  His tips offers the best bang for the buck.  The only real expense is for new main jets and the day it takes to follow all the instructions.  His kit is also very flexible.  You can do either or all the steps to get a noticeable improvement.

15 August 2010

Ride Report: Never trust radar

14 August 2010
I finally got to put a face to the name of eflyguy.  After "flaking"--his words, not mine--out on our ride earlier this month, we planned to get together so I could test out my new boots.  We both wanted a short ride and after exchanging several emails settled on a route very similar to the last half of my last ride and maybe adding 75 to the fun.  I was looking forward to it but as the week progressed, the weather forecasts and the skies started doing some things we hadn't seen in a while.  It would get really dark when it was supposed to be light and water would fall from the sky after shorting something out sending sparks flying way above our heads and presaged by deep rumbling sounds.

13 August 2010

Motorcycle Tech: 2005 FZ1--"Baby" Touring Edition

Samuel, 1993 Suzuki VX800
My life with the FZ1 began at the intersection of un-balanced carbs and no mechanic who could correctly diagnose/fix the problem.  After I returned to GA, My VX800 (Sam) stopped being the reliable bike I'd fallen in love with in California.  He reeked of gas and after spending too much money on mechanics with worsening results, I was fed up.  Enter Providence and the quest for a new steed.

09 August 2010

Motorcycle Gear: Riding Boots

I purchased my very first pair of motorcycle specific riding boots last winter, a low end pair of Vega Touring Boots, to see if I wanted motorcycle specific boots.  Even then, I settled on them because I preferred the Sport Boot but they didn't make them in my size.  After reading some things on the forums, I decided a Touring Boot would work just fine.  After the FZ1 Rally, I realized how wrong I was.

06 August 2010

Ride Report: Feeding theWolf

1 Aug 2010--FZs Playing in Northwest GA:

The ride was supposed to be eflyguy, Cruzman, and me going back to Alabama to ride the Little Grand Canyon since we had to cut the ride short.  We wanted to leave as early as possible so we could beat a lot of the heat.  It was looking like I'd have to leave home an hour before dawn when eflyguy's family obligations forced him to cancel a few days before the ride.  I was a little sad but when Cruzman suggested we do a longer route, my spirits improved.  I wanted to ride part of the route we rode the first time we met so Cruzman put a good ride together.

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