27 September 2010

Trip Report: Camping with Cruzman Day 3

Sunday, 20 Sep 2010:  Dragon Torture and Hwy 28 Bliss
After deciding to pay for an extra night at the campground so we wouldn't have to hurry to break camp and ride with loaded bags, we planned to hit the Dragon and Hwy 28 toward Bryson City, NC.  When we were up that way during the FZ1 Rally, I rode through there going to Fontana and wanted to be sure to hit it again when we were in the area.  I made sure I packed my things before kyfa25 got there to make departure as easy as possible but I was still moving a little slow in the morning.

Trip Report: Camping with Cruzman Day 2

Saturday 18 Sep 2010:  The Ambitious Ride
Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke myself with my own snoring then couldn't go back to sleep because I thought I heard a bear in the camp.  It wasn't a bear, the noise to was too regular for that!  No, it was just Cruzman making a noise that resonated off the trees or something making it sound like he wasn't where I thought he was.  It was too early to get up, so eventually I fell asleep again.

Trip Report: Camping with Cruzman Day 1

17 Sep 2010:  Leaving Home
I've delayed this for long enough!  I took some great pictures I want to share and learned some interesting lessons that kind of made this trip ambiguous upon reflection.  Cruzman and I planned to try to meet some of the FZ1-Forum guys while they were close on their planned Deals Gap Trip in September.  After taking kyfa25 to the Cherohala last month, he wanted to come along too.  Up until a few days before we left, it was ambiguous as to whether or not he'd camp with us.

12 September 2010

FZ1 Mod: Auxiliary Lighting

9 Sep 2010: plamaled 008 high power LED modules

About the time I ordered the Bi Xenon HID kit from kryptonbulbs.com, Cruzman showed me a link to a youtube video for LED modules.  He suggested this could be a solution to adding aux lights to the FZ1 without overtaxing the charging system.  Until then, Aux Lights was on my list of things I wish I could have but probably wouldn't along with the R1 Fork Swap.

10 September 2010

2005 FZ1 Retrospective

As promised, video of Baby with all his mods.  I decided to do a picture diary from a week after I got him until now.

04 September 2010

Video Tech: Learning to use effects

Now that I understand how to mount my cameras, I'm ready to work on "post production".  It was the RavenRider Carb Stuff video that made me realize 20 minutes of on road video can be boring.  Okay I already knew that, but now I'm learning to do something about it!

01 September 2010

Fizzy Mountain Ride Video

29 August 2010: My video from our ride

See the Ride Report for more details.

The music is by Positively Dark.

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