10 September 2010

2005 FZ1 Retrospective

As promised, video of Baby with all his mods.  I decided to do a picture diary from a week after I got him until now.

Complete Mod List:
Alarm with immobilization
Power Accessory outlet
T-Rex Frame Sliders
Motocomm Communication System
Luggage Anchors
Pro Grips Gel 719
Lowered Seat
Pod Light Mod
Racing Pegs
Seat Case Mod
Yoshimura TRS Stainless Stainless Muffler
Fire Dragon Bros Adjustable Levers
Zero Gravity Sport Touring Screen
devilsyam frame plugs
jwhelan65 Radiator Cover
Painted rad guards
RavenRider Jet Kit
plasmaled 008 Aux LED Lights
kyrptonbulbs.com 6000k HID Conversion
Fieldsheer Expander Soft Luggage Set
Fieldsheer Contour Tank Bag

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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