30 January 2012

Ride Report: First Ride of 2012

28 Jan 2012:  Playing Nice with Others

This ride was delayed because of my front wheel bearings.  After I installed the extensions, I noticed the front wheel was a bit loose.  I could actually wiggle it.  With the image of the black powder from my rear wheel bearings fresh in my mind, I didn't hesitate to call OTC to see how much it would cost to get them replaced.  It turned out to be a good thing because the Sunday we'd scheduled to ride dawned foggy then cloudy and finally rain.

23 January 2012

FZ1 Mod: Front Suspension Continued

When I last wrote about the front end swap in November 2011, there were still some small details that needed to be done before I could say the swap was complete.  I still can't call it complete, but there are some updates.

14 January 2012

Digging into the Archives: Flashback 2003

I finally found my old web pages from when I lived in California.  I knew I had them on one of the many CDs that I'm holding onto!  Here's one of my first ride reports from not long after I'd settled (I was still settling) into my new life in Southern California.

04 January 2012

VX800: Sam is home!

Finally, after far too long Sam is out of the mechanic's backyard and back home in the garage.  Last Tuesday, Lawman and I went across town to retrieve him from his rotting existence.  It was really hard leaving him out there but it had to be done.  I'm really glad to have him back home.

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