04 January 2012

VX800: Sam is home!

Finally, after far too long Sam is out of the mechanic's backyard and back home in the garage.  Last Tuesday, Lawman and I went across town to retrieve him from his rotting existence.  It was really hard leaving him out there but it had to be done.  I'm really glad to have him back home.

Sam is my first motorcycle.  He carried me on my first cross country trip.  He commuted with me from Long Beach to Vernon CA up the 710 almost every working day I had.  He is a great bike and I never had any trouble with him until I got sick and he sat for six months until I could get back to California to get him.

He ran okay for awhile after I got him home.  I took him to a mechanic to have the carbs synced and it was down hill every since then.  I was so frustrated, I got Baby and never really looked back until now.

I'm not sure how happy he was to be left on the trailer for a week but I think he was glad to be inside.  Before he looked like that, he last looked like this:

He still needed a little cosmetic work but he was basically ready for escort duty until that opportunity fell though.  So now I have a new opportunity.  After I get him running again, I'll get the luggage, leds, and speaker off then try to think about what's next for this old workhorse.  Right now he's in a sorry shape.

The only thing I've done to him since getting him off of the trailer 6 days after he got home is remove his risers to use on the FZ1 Front End conversion.  He needs a new battery and probably carb work again to get him running.  I'll tackle that later in the month.  For now I'm just glad that he's in his bed.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

Crowded garage:  Three Motorcycles, One Trailer, and One HHR.

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