23 January 2012

FZ1 Mod: Front Suspension Continued

When I last wrote about the front end swap in November 2011, there were still some small details that needed to be done before I could say the swap was complete.  I still can't call it complete, but there are some updates.

First is the upper triple.  I stumbled across a listing on ebay for the Gen2 FZ1 upper triple with a bunch of extras.  I didn't hesitate and placed what I hoped would be a winning bid.  It was.  After a mail delay, they finally arrived!  I had a piece of used unobtanium.

Cruzman reminded me about my Gen2 handlebars and how much more comfortable they were because they were straighter.  With the Gen2 risers, some of the comfort might be negated because they are taller than the Gen1 risers.  In fact, many people swap them for Suzuki SV650 risers.  After looking at them, I realized they weren't that different from my VX800 risers so I swapped risers.

Next step is to paint them black.  Before I could do that, Devilsyam emailed to inform me the extensions were finally in the mail!  To my surprise it didn't take long before they were in the mailbox.

These are designed so that they simply slip over the forks.  No bolt or anything, they are supposed to be a snug fit.  Devilsyam said for me to test them out and that I might have to sand them a bit if the fit was too tight.

Since the weather has been cold, it's not the ideal painting conditions.  I decided to go ahead and fit the risers on with the R1 upper.  It probably wasn't the ideal conditions for that either but after waiting so long for them, I couldn't resist.

First step was to remove the front wheel, lower a fork in the triples, and slip the extension into the upper triple.
Front Wheel Removed and fork lowered
Extension in place ready to install over fork

Next, I pushed the fork into the extension as far as I could get it.  Unfortunately it wasn't all the way to the inner stop.

This is where I probably should have taken it off and sanded it.  Instead, I chose to use a persuader because I wasn't confident that I could sand it without messing it up.
Persuader to get extension fully on fork
Extension fully on fork
Devilsyam mentioned it should be a little difficult to get on or off.  The fit was perfect!

You can see the difference between the fork with the extension (on the left) and one without.  Getting the second one on was a lot easier since I'd already done it once.  The extensions fit between the upper and lower triple.  You can't take the forks off with the extensions in place.  After a few minor adjustments, I was done!

Final location is pretty close to the handle bars with the Gen1 Risers.  I know the VX risers with the Gen2 upper won't work.
Close up of extension installed.  There's 10mm between the upper triple and the extension stop.

The extensions make the front brake lines look a lot cleaner.  I think the lines are pretty tight so I'm going to order some Fren Tubo brake lines from pjsparts.

I haven't had the chance to get much of a ride in with the extensions.  I noticed a little slop in the front wheel after a short ride and have some front wheel bearings on the way for OTC to install.  The first thing I noticed was that the headlights were now where they should be.  The second was a little less sporty feel and more FZ1 like with the extensions.

It's just what I wanted.  Next step is to remove the extensions and get the tops trimmed so they are not so close to the handlebars then maybe paint them.  I still haven't decided.  I've been a little concerned with it being too much black on the front with the black forks, black triples, etc.  It's why I haven't re-painted the handle bar and may not paint the extensions.  I do like the contrast with the black upper so the Gen2 upper will definitely be painted.  I'll probably end up using the gen1 risers with it instead of the VX ones.  I don't really want to mess with the geometry of the handlebars.

Next I plan to address the black front fender.  The plan right now is to use the vinyl carbon fiber film in blue to cover the fender.  I've already ordered it and am just waiting to see if the film is a good match/contrast with the Yamaha blue.

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Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

No longer upright on the side stand.  It's now closer to stock height.


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  2. Hey nice job I am currently doing a conversion on my 03 Bee I want and need to get those extentions. Do you have the contact info for Devilsyam. I live in Toronto Canada I am installing the 5JJ forks. Do I also need the spacer with these extentions??


    1. Devilsyam has is own site at www.http://devilsyam.com. You can also contact him on either of the FZ1 forums I've got linked in My Favorite Places. The spacer is so the stem fits into the upper triple/yolk so you definitely still need that. You will need the spacer and can contact Justy on the UK FZ1 forum (http://fazer1000.yuku.com/) for one of those, I think he has a thread there.


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