04 October 2014

Flipping leads to flaring

One of the few things I remembered clearly since the symptoms of Lupus started feeding on me is the conversation I had with my big sister about having lupus. My sister was always my trailblazer. Whatever path she chose, I knew to take a different one. From the moment my dr in California told me I had lupus,there were only two things on my mind: moving back home and making my doctor see me.
I did both rather unconsciously.  Not long after my first stay in the hospital and days before my next one (even though I didn't know it at the time), my big sister told me the trick to being a functional lupie was not getting too low or too high.  Try to remain even keeled as I navigated life.

TheTrailblazer had already done much to show me the wisdom of those words.  There were many days when I fussed at her about doing to much or getting too high only to be told that she knew what she was doing.  I didn't have lupus when I was getting on her about that so little sister's advice got filed where little sisters advice always gets filed.

Big sisters advice is different.  I hung on to it with every breath, tucked it away to revisit when it was needed and stored it carefully away until next time.  Out of that long conversation, where we were whispering despite being in the privacy of her home, staying even stuck.  Yes, I acknowledge there are times when it's not possible but "you must make those the exception and not the rule" and then she said she wished she had done that more.

I didn't know it then but it was the last real conversation we'd have.  Two days later I was in the hospital having a flare up in my brain that made me forget a lot of stuff but not that conversation nor the intensity of it.  A year later, she was in the hospital with diverticulitis and intestines the strength of tissue paper.  Thank you prednisone; the treatment is worse than the disease.

I could almost hear my sister whispering in my ear as my frustration with getting my brushless quad tuned and in the air.  The big one flips on throttle so I figured I'd build a smaller more appropriate one to how I like to fly.  I used a different board even though I had a flight controller to use with it.  It uses different motors, a less complicated power distribution system. smarter ESCs, and smarter me since I learned lessons from the first build.

I've adjusted all kinds of things only to get smoother when applying throttle while I hold the thing but it still flips.  I gave up on tuning the boards I have and ordered a new one that is supposed to be able to fly right out of the box.  I have a little soldering to do to see if it will work but I'm hoping so or it's going to be a $300 rtf for me.

This is Flying 3D Flying3D X6 6 Axis 2.4G GPS RC Quadcopter RTF for around $200

I just can't understand why mine don't work when they should.  Could it be my TX and not the board?  A guy on RCGroups offered to fix it for me if I sent it to him.  I have never talked to him before or read his posts.  I'm just desperate enough to do just that with my x600.  Right now, I think if I can get the 195 Mod figured out, I can figure out the x600.

I finally had the sense to put the damned thing down and walk away.  I'll get back to it, have been even in the time it's taken me to write and post this.  I know I can't get too high or too low.  I'm so low now, too high still seems low.  I'll get back even and try to work on this again.  I won't give up.

Thanks for reading my rant,
patrice theWolfTamer

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