21 October 2011

FZ1 Mod: New Slip-on Muffler

GPR Grand Prix Evolution Speed Cone

At the end of May when I was browsing the "Yamaha FZ1" listings on eBay I saw a muffler that really caught my attention.  I sent an email to the seller because I was confused by the title.  It read "EXHAUST SYSTEM YAMAHA FZ.1 FAZER 1000 06 GPR POWER CARB".  Did that mean it was for the carbed FZ1s?

I'm not sure now what I liked about it.  Maybe it's the different shape and that I'd never seen anything like it on an FZ1 or any motorcycle before.  It really appealed to my like of all things a little different.

It didn't take the seller long to inform me that the listing was for the Gen2 FZ1 (2006 to present) but they had their full line available for the Gen1 FZ1 (2001-2005) and would make a listing for me if I wanted to buy one.  I had to tell him to wait.  I was really only curious.

Not that I hadn't been shopping for a new slip on.  I like the Yoshimura RS but not as much as the TRS it replaced.  I knew it as soon as I put it on.  It was too long and too ordinary looking.  It sounded okay but only once you were up in the RPMs.  It had a different tone than the TRS I'd been forced to replace.

The GPR brand was a complete unknown.  When I searched the forums, all I came up with were steering stabilizers.  I'm not sure they are the same company.  I did find some information from other forums but in the end it was my own intuition I followed.

By the time I put the GPRs on the consideration list, I'd decided I would replace the RS when I got the chance.  I was tired of polishing the stainless steel to keep it shiny and that dull sound was really uninspiring.  I was considering going back to the TRS, this time in carbon fiber, or getting a danmoto carbon fiber because of the price.  The more I looked at the danmoto, the more I liked the look--especially the length.

The GPRs entered this short list so I did some photo chops to decide which one I wanted:
G.P.E. Poppy chop
Powercone Full Carbon chop
G.P.E. Speed Cone chop
I didn't need to chop the danmoto or the Yosh because there were people on the forum that had them.  One in particular made me decide on the Yosh TRS CF.  I sent those pics to Cruzman and FZ1_Vadar seeking their input.  FZ1_Vadar put the GPR to the top of my list by sending me some YouTube clips.  I had to have one, but which one?

After a few days of staring at the chops, I decided on the Speed Cone.  The Powercone, while eye-popping in the listing, just didn't really fit the bike.  The G.P.E. Poppy was just too dark, the cf styled stainless steel and the cf end cap was just too much.  The G.P.E. Speed Cone made me Goldilocks, it was just right.  I liked the black stainless steel body (Inox in the listing) and really loved the kevlar endcap.  The length of all of them were just right too, but I'd be getting the Speed Cone and paying extra for the db eater just in case it was too loud.

With the decision made, it was time to gather my pennies and wait until I had enough to get the muffler.  I contacted motochepassionesrl early in August and asked that they put a listing out there for the Speed Cone anticipating getting it mid month.  I had all my pennies together for the AR trip and was able to use some of that to get the muffler. While I was in AR, poor grommet had crashed his bike and needed a new muffler.  On the spur of the moment, I told him he could have mine for free as long as he bought the repack kit that I bought at the same time.  With that agreement made, I "bought it now" using the eBay app on my phone.

I couldn't pay for it then though because they are an international seller.  I had my laptop with me but by the time I got it out I was in go home mode so I didn't make the payment until I got home.  A few days later, this appeared at my doorstep

It took less time for it to get to me than mailing something from the midwest!  I didn't waste anytime getting it unpacked either.

It's the first time I've ever bought a brand new slip on muffler.  The other two were used.  I really like how clean it was.

Baby was still on the trailer so I couldn't install it the day it came.  I had to wait until the next day when Cruzman and I did the rear wheel bearings.
Side by side:  GPR on top, Yosh RS1 on bottom.
While Cruzman was looking for something, I snuck the muffler onto the bike.

I know I was supposed to be concentrating on wheel bearings, but the tool broke and I had a minute!  Once we got done with the bearings, Cruzman enlarged the holes on the strap so it'd fit over the mounting bolt and we aligned the muffler

Then when we couldn't take it any longer we started it up

I wasn't pleased with that video clip, it didn't do the muffler justice!  We were in a hurry to get to bike night, so I didn't have time to put the cams on the bike.  I did take a little better pic though.

Cruzman really liked the look of the muffler, even saying with the kevlar cap it'd look better on Stella!  Nah, the Akra looks better on Stella.  On the ride to bike night, I was even more pleased with the sound of the bike.  The muffler is everything I wanted; it looks good and sounds great!

A few days later, I made some better clips.  First with the same configuration as it was delivered.

Then  I took the rear db eater out to compare what it sounded like "unrestricted".

Later, I tried it with just the front db eater.

Finally, with both db eaters.

After all that, I decided I liked it just the way it was delivered with only the rear db eater installed.  So I took it out to get video of it on the road.

Unfortunately, I haven't ridden much since it was installed but I do plan to have all the cams mounted for the next ride.

I also attempted to make a 3d image using the Autodesk Photofly stuff.  It came out really bad but I wanted to get this post up so I'll make do with an alternative until I can get that right.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer


  1. I like it!
    (Ally House from FZ1 forum)

  2. Thanks! It's going to make my black r1 forks look even better once all that stuff's done (hopefully middle of next month.)

  3. Awesome pictures and videos, thanks for sharing.


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