22 June 2011

Micro Cameras OnBoard!

Finally got a chance to test the shock mounts on board the bike.  Unfortunately I wasn't so careful about aiming the cams but I really was more interested in how the shock mounts performed than perfect framing.  It took me all day to get this darned video loaded.
I tried all of my micro cams in the mount.  The D011 flashlight styled cam had a case failure that I couldn't repair so I just tried it out of the camera body.  The thing doesn't do sound well at all and I was curious to see if the sound would improve once out of the case.  It didn't.  But the D011 cam takes the clearest video when compared to the other two.  So this is what you've been waiting for!

While I was waiting on this to upload, I cut up a can to make a narrower body for the D011 so that it could fit snugly into the shock mount.  It ain't pretty but it works!  No pics though (sorry Cruzman).

After reviewing the video, I think the investment in the mic shock mounts and clamps is a good one.  Here's the breakdown:

Everything can be purchased on eBay.
MD80/D001 camera around $12 delivered (the d005 is about $5 more and the D011 is $25 more but the sound on it is terrible!)
Mic Shock amount around $17 delivered
table/stand clamp around $16 delivered
Wide angle lens around $10 to $15 delivered
MicroSDHC class4 or higher 8gb card from Microcenter around $15
Estimated total:  $70-$75.

I didn't realize it cost that much because my costs have been spread out over the two years since I first discovered these cams.  The price on the cams seems to have stabilized, the very first one I bought was $20 delivered and the last for $12.  The most expensive was the D011 car dvr at $35 delivered.  I bought the D005 because it was wider thinking it'd be easier to mount.  I was wrong.  I purchased two shock mounts and two clamps at lower prices than listed above but when I looked for the same deals, I couldn't find any as cheap.

The cams shoot in 720p hd which is good enough for me.  $70 for one of these is a lot cheaper than all of the commercial products available.  If I want higher resolution, I can get the newer #11 keychain cam like the one Techmoan used (see previous post) but at this point, I'm holding out for the 1080p with 50 or 60 fps knockoff that hasn't been made yet in this small form factor.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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