11 July 2011

Moto-Videography: Lessons learned!

From yesterday's ride I learned:

1.  The high mount cam worked better than I thought it would.  I guess doing it that way is a keeper!

I suppose I do need to adjust the ring that holds the wide angle lens though.  On this bouncy road, the video was a lot more stable than I expected based on the tests I'd done.  This time I didn't use the pipe clamps and I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

2.  I sure wish my other cards arrived when they should have.  The high mount cam had a 2 gb card in it, good for about 25 mins.  The high front video did not record or was over written :( when I put that card into the other cam and got about 15 mins of video leaving the waterfall.

3.  I have to remember to stop every now and then to turn the cams off or on.  The md80s record up to 4 gbs then auto saves, about an hours worth of footage.  It doesn't take that long, I just need to remember to do it! 

4.  I should have charged the md80 and d005 cams while we were eating.  I didn't get much afternoon footage from them.  The emergency battery charger is great so I guess I should get at least one more.  I used it to charge my bt transmitter and to power bt gps receiver.

5.  Remember to bring the cables needed to charge the cams!

6.  Even though I didn't get any real footage from the D005, I need to remake the "adapter".  I could see the vibes in it as I went along.  No video might have been a good thing.

7.  I should have put the d011 flashlight cam farther into it's adapter.  The footage was a little bouncy!  I also need to remember that overwrites older recordings when the card is full.

In the end, I don't think I got multiple angles on one piece of road the way I wanted to.  The video should be interesting!

Come back to read the ride report for our massive 17 1/2 hour day.  It should be posted later in the week.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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