04 April 2010

Ride Report: Twisty Butt Ride Part Three

27 March 2010:  Clayton to near BRP
After a longer stop in Clayton to eat a quick bite, gas up, and use the restroom, we took Warwoman RD to Hwy 28 toward Highlands NC.  I was relieved to feel the weather was finally warming up as forecasted but it was short lived once we climbed into the mountains.
The progress so far:

Though cool, it was a beautiful day for a ride and there was not much traffic clogging up the roads.

What little traffic we encountered we were able to safely pass and continue on with the exception of these people:

Yep, skateboarders.  They were street surfing a very curvaceous section of Warwoman RD.  It was fun just watching them and we hated to pass once they got off the road giving us the thumbs up sign.  But we had a deadline!!

(You can see me between the trees!!)

Turn left here:

Here I am, catching up to the group:

Highway 28 is a nice sweeping road that climbs into the mountains close to the NC/GA border with a magnificent view to your left when traveling North.

Looking at these trees, you could hardly tell Easter was only a week away.

Just before rounding a curve, there is a sign that says something about the Savannah River plain.  The views to the right are some of the most spectacular in the area.  Then there's the twisty goodness.

This is some special mountain that I don't know the name of:

Continuing on US 64 through Cashiers.

After Cashiers:
More awesome beauty that I barely noticed as I concentrated on being smooth on the throttle and setting up my line through the corners.

We made it to halfway around 1:30 p.m. and took a brief break before soldiering on.

Time to get back on the road!!

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