11 April 2010

FZ1 Mod Update: Seat Mounted Top Case--Hardware Installed

After riding every weekend for the past month or so, I decided to take a break and tend to some of the bike's needs.  I replaced my burned out tail light and discovered NOT to use red bulbs as they look too dim, I have some white LEDs on order.  Then I cleaned up the gunk that resulted from using Maxima Chain Wax and changed the oil.

Since my weekend funds are limited for a few more days, I also decided to turn my attention to the seat case.  Right before I left for Savannah, I cut the foam out of the middle of the passenger section of the seat and tried to figure out a way to mount the case so I could use it for the trip.  When I couldn't I set the project aside until I had the time to give it the proper attention.

Instead of using a wooden platform like the Ninja250 guy did, I decided to make posts to hold the mounting brackets.  For the post, I used pipe fittings and long screws:

At first, I tried to mount the plate using the same screws as I did for the posts but that only lead to pure frustration.  In the end, the best way for me was to mount the plate as intended using the supplied hardware:

I will replace the foam around the metal posts for the mounts then trim the rider portion of the seat for my short stature and replace the original cover. Here's a view from the bottom:

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