09 February 2011

Repairing the damage

The weather combined with the damage from the wreck have limited me to short runs to the grocery store.  Not long after the wreck, I started ordering parts.  First the windscreen, then I found a used muffler to replace my rashed one.

I replaced the Zero Gravity Sport Touring screen with the ZG Double bubble from their outlet store.  I got a good deal on it, but not as good as the one I got on the Sport Touring screen.

ST screen is on the left and it's replacement, the DB is on the right.  From the angle of the pic, there doesn't seem to be much difference but there is.  The DB is not as wide or as tall as the ST and features a raised middle that makes it a "double bubble".

After replacing the screen, I replaced the bent bolts on the hand guards for straight ones.  Then I managed to find a good deal on a used Yoshimura RS-1 muffler to replace my rashed TRS.  It needed a little cleaning and some rivets were missing but I managed to "refurbish" it with button head screws and have a repack kit waiting for when it needs it.

Here are pics from the for sale listing:

Some quality time with a drill, a tap, and some button head screws got me this:

The button head screws look a lot better than the rivets or holes wishing they had rivets!

It's a little longer than the TRS but it's a great replacement as it's in about the same shape as the one I took off was before it got rashed.  When I finally have to repack it, I'll likely change the outer sleeve to titanium like I've always wanted.

The only other thing I could do right now was to tighten up some screws holding the handlebars because they were a little "wiggly".  The bike rides true so I'm not worried about the forks so much but they'll likely get serviced (or maybe replaced if I get really ambitious) at the end of the year.

I have a new set of Bridgestone BT-023s waiting to be installed but my pocket book had a long talk with my mind and the pocket book won.  The Angels have some more miles on them and as long as I am diligent I think I can get at least one or two more 300 mile days out of them before all of my confidence in them is completely lost.  If I get a chance to take a trip then I'll mount the new tires before leaving but for running around the neighborhood, the Angels will be all right.

One other thing I did was install the Throttlemeister throttle lock I got for Christmas.  I'm glad I didn't have them on the bike when it went down.
Throttlemeister on the left, OEM on the right
I went from this:

to this

Just a simple twist on the end allows me to rest my throttle hand on occasion.  It seems to work pretty well too.  Here's a better shot

I had a little trouble with the clutch side but I got a new tool for the tool box--a thread file--and rid of that trouble.  Those with keen observation skills will notice the change in the box on the handle bar.  It's the heated gloves controller that went from the clear box with the switch in a pill bottle to the cigarette case with the switch in the case.

Baby's ready to ride just as I am.  I'm hoping to replace the front fairing in the next few weeks and get the cosmetic memory of the wreck behind me.  I doubt the feeling that I should have been paying more attention or that the whole thing could have been avoided will ever go away.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer

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