26 May 2017

FZ1 Mod: Hard Luggage Follow-up

Last year, I added hard luggage that I called Chivi since they're a knock off of the popular Givi brand at a fraction of the costs.  Since I added them, I always wanted to be able to remove the bags similar to the way the quick disconnect works on some other brand of luggage racks.

My bags came with generic mounting pieces so I didn't really need to buy racks.  But those generic pieces didn't have a quick disconnect.  I've been searching for a solution since I got the bags last spring and didn't really come up with something that fits my penny budget and qualifies as true quick disconnect.  Instead I settled on a solution designed for mounting cruiser bags to their rail system.
These are designed to fit inside cruiser bags and mount to the fender system many have.  Mine are outside of the bags and use the existing holes on the generic rack.

Then just use the screws.

Now I'll be able to use the luggage like luggage off of the bike with an extra tab or so to use as a weapon if needed.

I've been very pleased with the Chivi so far after a year of use.  Well, a year installed on the bike since I haven't been riding much.

You have to be careful nothing is in the way when you close the bags or they will have a gap that affects the seal.  I still think this is an excellent value.  Doing a search on Aliexpress for "motorbike luggage" will reveal a couple of sellers and another larger set.

So far, these have been big enough for me.
On the way home from last year's FZ1OA Rally with my new to me Dirt Road Seat.

Not in the saddle bags are my tent, camping chair, and dirt road seat.
I have my clothes and shoes in a backpack in one of the bags.  The other has toiletries.  The top case has whatever I carry in there all the time like spare cargo nets or whatever I won't need to access while on the road.

I'm hoping that at this year's rally, I'll be able to ride with the bags stored safely off of the bike.  You know me, it's all a work in progress but I think I have a decent enough solution for now.  Next thing to do is to jb weld the the locking plates to the rack so they won't fall off when the luggage isn't on the bike.

Thanks for reading,
patrice, theWolfTamer


  1. Don't forget that they look good on the bike too

  2. They do make Baby look like he's ready for touring that's for sure. It's an FJR Lite when the luggage stays on all the time. Not sure I want that though because it reminds me of what I can not do at the moment.


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