28 March 2010

Trip Report: Savannah Trip Day Two

17 March 2010 -- St. Patrick's Day

The whole point of the trip was to find out what the hype was about SPD in Savannah.  After the late night before, we woke around 10 to discover the parade was about to start.  We hurried to get dressed and decided to find food in the area of the festivities, either on the famous River ST or at the City Market.

Our route for the day:
We were lucky to find parking for both bikes at the price of a car right next to the man watching the lot and stopped long enough during the walk to purchase little bits of green to adorn our motorcycle attire.  We went to City Market first because it was closer to the parking (and I had no idea how to get to River ST from where we were).  As soon as we rounded the corner, we saw the Yuengling Tent.  First order of business changed from food to beer.

Walking around the Market, we found Cafe at City Market with Corned Beef and Cabbage posted for the daily special.  In honor of St. Patrick, we made that our breakfast.  Here's Dad checking in on his family while we wait for our food:

And me while I wait:

Soon we were eating a delicious plate of food, with a lot of meat, a small spoonful of delicious cabbage, and another small spoonful of potatoes.  We both finished the veggies long before the meat, this is what I had left:
We also had to order another beer to wash it all down.

After eating, we explored the City Market.  We caught some beads being thrown out by a local radio station.  Then it was time to get rid of some of the beer we'd consumed.  You know, you only rent beer.  While looking for the bathroom, we passed

this statue of Johnny Mercer in Ellis Square, outside City Market.  He was a noted composer born in Savannah.  When we passed him, someone was adding the green lei to the green string of beads.

Dad decked out with is green, and Johnny Mercer:

Me and Johnny:

From there to

which lined the street behind City Market.  Near the potties, the smell of smoked something was wafting in the air.  Even though I'd just eaten, the idea of the smoked turkey leg was irresistible.  I decided I'd get one later in the day:
They had Turkey Legs and Smoked Sausages...mmmmm.  River ST is a couple of blocks past these vendors.  We knew from walking around City Market that the t-shirt prices were jacked up but next to this tent, we found t-shirts for $10 each and got our commemorative t-shirts on the way to River ST.

There were showers in the forecast.  Other than a quick one on our way downtown from our Midtown hotel, there hadn't been much rain.  As we walked to River St, it started to sprinkle.

The first thing we saw when we got there was green water in the fountain
An enterprising homeless lady took our picture for a tip.
In the spirit of SPD, they were trying to turn the Savannah River green
Me and Dad in front of City Hall
The scene at River ST was more crowded with less places to sit and enjoy the day.  Also, in order to drink, you had to purchase a $5 band that allowed you to then purchase your choice of alcoholic beverage.  We decided to go back to City Market where we could buy our drinks without a band.

The crowd there was a little smaller, but a lot more lively despite the rain.

In addition to the radio station that was tossing beads and stuff, there was also a live band.  We decided to hang around here for a while.  We took cover from the rain and listened to the band.
Dad met a very "friendly" man who offered us our choice of drink.  Dad got something while I was standing in the rain singing along with the crowd as the band performed "Sweet Child of Mine".  I got my first Bloody Mary, made very spicy.  It was delicious.  We talked to the man and his wife for a while before the rain subsided and we decided we'd seen all we came to see.

Here we all are.  His wife was impressed that I rode a motorcycle, and like many women I meet, talking about maybe learning to ride one day.  I wish I remembered their names.  It was time to go get rid of our last drinks and get turkey legs to compliment my bloody mary.  I was disappointed to discover the tent with the wonderful smell, no longer had turkey legs.  But right AFTER I threw away the rest of my bloody mary--I didn't want to drink it with out eating any more food--we saw another Tent that had turkey legs on the way back to the bikes.

The only thing missing was the grilled corn in the husk like they have at the Apple Festival in Ellijay.  We got back to the hotel early enough to get parking right outside the room, unlike the night before when we had to park on the other side of the hotel.
Our hotel is right above Midnight's windshield...now the view from the room
Dad kicked back and relaxed

We thought about going back out, but ended up spending the evening just talking then eating our Turkey Legs.  They were really good even later heated up in the room's microwave.

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